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Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is now offering seamless integration to popular commercial and custom contact management systems using Visual Rapport CRM Integrator. This versatile application allows for seamless data exchange between your primary Avaya communication server and contact center data source providing a truly unified communication experience.

Visual Rapport CRM Integrator can utilize various technologies (including Avaya AES, first and third party TAPI) to performs bridging functions that allow users access to a customer's profile through automated screen pop by pinpointing relevant information in real time. This empowers users to interact with customers in an efficient manner maximizing productivity and efficiency.

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The success of most organizations is directly related to their ability to respond to the needs of their customers in a professional and timely manner. A well oiled communication ecosystem and trained personnel are key ingredients in reduced operating costs and greater customer satisfaction. A properly working call center can distinguish your business and provide a competitive advantage. An overloaded, inaccurate or malfunctioning call handling system could spell disaster.

SHADOW Real Time Dashboard (RTD) is a powerful tool that can monitor one or a complex array of mission-critical communication systems that require uncompromised performance and availability.

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RSI is a global developer of total unified communication management solutions for every enterprise. We offer a broad range of applications lab tested and compatible with core Avaya and Nortel platforms. Visit the menu links on the side of this page to find out more.

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Let us manage your communication facilities for you

HostedCallAccounting.com is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) alternative to purchasing hardware and software and expending internal resources. Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) offers complete outsourcing services for remote polling, authorization code billing, charge-back, network planning, traffic analysis, carrier/service comparisons, SIP / IP PBX reporting, voice mail, call center, auto attendant and more. Many organizations have high overhead costs, staff turnovers and little time for in-house software. These businesses often require accurate telemanagement information to allocate costs and track activity. With our remote secured hosting option you select the variety of billing, traffic, exception and diagnostic management reports your organization needs. RSI takes full control of data collection, processing and regular delivery of reports. Our specialists can assist you with the planning and management of your telecommunications network. RSI hosts and manages the entire process on your behalf and you may log in to view the results from anywhere, anytime!

For PBXs and other communication devices that require data storage, our unique IP buffers allow us to collect data from anywhere on the globe seamlessly in real time. The secure data can be viewed remotely by our customers through a simple web browser.


Why Replace MAT, OTM or TM?

RSI is the premier Avaya DevConnect partner with a spectrum of call accounting, switch administration, billing and tracking solutions deemed Compatible Product for legacy Nortel platforms inclusive of Norstar, BCM (inc. BCM 50), M1 and CS 1000! Get true consolidated multi-site enterprise call accounting under one umbrella using Shadow CMS and intuitive switch management with MerAssistant.

What is CDR?

CDR is an abbreviation for the the term Call Detail Recording. It is the data that is submitted by your telephone system to a collection device linked to your call accounting package. The data contains particular information about every telephone call including date, time, duration, digits dialed and trunk line. Often the term SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording is used interchangeably with CDR). The "raw" information is generally interpreted and translated into a database for real time or scheduled processing and reporting. Data Storage software is generally used to collect the data and make it available for processing by call accounting software.


It is imperative for hotel properties to track and bill call detail records to the appropriate guest room. Telephone calls generate huge revenue for hospitality environments if a proper hotel call accounting software package is deployed. Generally, most inn, motel and hotel properties install a call accounting solution that will integrate with ther property management software (PMS). RSI will work with all popular vendors of property management and reservation systems to integrate call accounting, internet usage, hotel billing and guest reservations. See Shadow CMS Hospitality

Solutions for every IP, PBX and other switch manufacturers

RSI has been developing dynamic call accounting and communications management solutions since 1990. We pride ourselves in our experience to consolidate management solutions for customers with a diverse landscape. Our customers include goverment, education, retail, hospitality, long distance providers and various corporations that purchase their equipment from more than one vendor.

RSI has a broad range of solutions that will generally work with most manufacturer hardware. Connectivity includes traditional remote dial up/serial, FTP over IP, ODBC, DCOM, telnet and various other technologies to retrieve the data to a centralized location.

We provide optional software or hardware buffers for data storage. We integrate with virtually any telephony switch that outputs call detail reporting (CDR) information.

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