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ACD Reporting

for Nortel Meridian 1, Successionand CS1K "C" and "D" Package
a cost-effective solution for basic environments

ACD Reporting
is a powerful automated reporting tool that allows you to leverage your Nortel ACD (C1 and C2) system. ACD Reporting automatically captures and stores ACD call information then allows extensive reporting and access to historical data. This module tracks all ACD activity on your telephone system. Generally, most PBXs will generate either realtime or periodic ACD data. The system can automatically capture and generate detailed activity. Ad hoc reports, graphs and summaries are a click away. The software is completely intuitive.

Search for information by day, time or time period instantly with our built-in SQL query engine.

Select any fields to graph and give your reports life with graphical representation of your ACD statistics.

Graphs may be produced in various forms including: bar, pie, line and area. You may even submit the graphs to other applications at the click of a button.

Features include:
switch ACD reports are placed in standard .DBF files for easy access
powerful ad-hoc SQL query builder drills down to the information you need
sort the data by any field
(i.e. Group all ACD information by ACD DN simply by sorting on ACD DN)
create reports with company logo and selected ACD fields
create graphs that highlight activity, patterns and trends
export ACD data to other popular file formats
preview all information before producing reports
integrates with call accounting

How many calls are being abandoned in queue? How are your agents performing?

ACD Reporting gives you a cost effective alternative to high-priced competitive systems with big footprints.

In fact, your computer can be busy doing other tasks while ACD Reporting is doing its job.