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Visual Rapport Navigator

Enhanced Unified Communications across the enterprise

Visual Rapport†Navigator is a communications experience that sets a new standard for Enterprise productivity.†VR Navigator brings telephony to the desktop, adds intelligence, integration and simplifies your daily telephone activity. The innovative approach to the interface allows users to tailor†VR Navigator to their needs. Whether youíre a receptionist that needs to see employee real-time call activity, a Call Center Agent that needs customer information displayed before they answer their phone or a knowledge worker that needs to see both,†VR Navigator provides the tools employees need to be successful.

Recognizing that not every person has the same requirements with regards to office communications and the information they require,†VR Navigator allows a user to customize what information they wish to see and how they wish to see it. For example, an Attendant typically wants to see whether a person is busy on their phone prior to transferring a call, whereas a Sales Representative receiving a call from a customer would like to have that customerís information available to them in order to improve the quality of customer interaction. The ability to adapt to different types of work environments is the power that†VR Navigator brings to the desktop.

Key Features

  • Dockable Elements - the ability for a user to dock/undock specific elements to reflect the way they work is what sets VR Navigator apart from traditional telephony applications
  • Multi-skin - Select a skin which lends to the type of work you do
  • Control and Data Elements - There are various elements that make up VR Navigator. Each element provides specific functions and information which the individual user can decide to utilize or not.
    • Call Control - this element places Nortel phone call control buttons on your desktop. No more guessing as to how to create a conference call or transfer a call. Call control is intuitive and emulates the Nortel phone functionality using your mouse or keyboard
    • Extension View - this element allows a each user to create a personalized group or groups of extensions providing visibility to the status of all phones. Each phone is represented by a button and provides information such as;
      • Extension is active. Information includes; incoming CLID, dialled number, call timer
      • Extension is Ringing
      • Extension has a call Holding
      • Extension is in Do Not Disturb
      • Extension is Forwarded to another extension
      • Extension has voice mail messages
      • Extension has presence set (i.e. in a meeting)
      Each group can be configured to show as much or as little information thatís required. Members of a group can also be sorted by extension or by first or last name
    • Directory - this element provides both internal and external contact information. Both Company and Contact records are provided along with all pertinent information such as address, phone, fax, email, web site, notes and much more. The directory allows for advanced features such as screen-pops, outbound dialing and previewing customer information even before answering a call.
    • Multi-Function Window Ė This element provides a number of messaging features such as; sending text messages to the displays of other phones including remote offices, tagging information to a call so that others are better informed, setting your presence or status along with various telephone related messaging


VR†Navigator is designed to enhance communications from a single office environment to a multi-office, enterprise environment. Whether itís adding additional employees in an office or adding networked offices in another state,†VR Navigator will seamlessly integrate all employees allowing them to communicate in a more effective manner.

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